The next generation of Digital Asset Management

Tandem: cooperative, shared, collaborative, synchronized.
Vault: secure, accessible storage.

Working in Tandem, you can do great things.

Photograph showing computer open and displaying home page shown in TV3, along with a phone showing the same page.


Capital area food bank


Downtown BC BID


national parks conservation association



conservation international

tandem stills and motion


Mountain film

11 dollar bill

Utah Film Commission

History Factory

TN Tourism

UT Tourism

Logo for Micato Safaris, a white lion on green background

Micato safaris


Park Gstaad

Discover Davis

Legrand AV


YouTravel Co

Branding / Print / Web





Engage Worldwide

Sollic itudin





wellcome trust

seattle public library

mount vernon

colorado mountain college


George Washington University

University of Central Florida

UT Dallas

university of Washington information school

EU in laos

stop waste

TN state parks

UT Governor's office of economic development

Enterprise Capability + App Convenience

Modern tech stack for unmatched speed, flexibility, and cost

No long lead time (Get started today!)
No set-up fee
Self-serve taxonomy creation and revision
Folder tree upload
Full mobile capability
Full-function REST API

You + Your Colleagues

Partition your account for multiple departments

Unlimited users, admins, and groups
Easy multi-departmental setup
Wall-off users, storage, and content
Preview any user group access
Unlimited federated accounts available with Enterprise

Media + Metadata

Attach meaning and context to people, places, and things

Drag-and-drop tagging
Drag-and-drop collection organization
Keyword visibility and provenance
Custom metadata
Mouse-over context
Attach to linked data and information

Collaboration + Workflow

Build custom workflows on the fly

Project space for every user
Comment threads
Workflow configuration
Submission targeting
Easy internal and external sharing

Rights + Permissions

Robust, Actionable Rights Management

Customizable rights tagging
Embeddable rights statements
Attach contracts and releases
User agreement upon upload
Filterable rights status
All assignable by drag-and-drop

Crowdsourcing + Guardrails

Structured crowdsourcing of media and metadata

Accept submissions from staff and stakeholders
Automatic sandboxing of uploaded material
Review and approval tools
Crowdsource tagging

Customizable Permissions

Organize your users into Groups to fully customize their experience in your account.

Dedicated Group Storage

Keep your account organized from the start with dedicated, hierarchical folder storage for each of your user Groups.

Group Libraries

Divide and conquer. Give each group control of their media collections with their own group Library.

Project Management

Use personal lightboxes to keep all of your projects organized. Invite others to join when collaboration is needed.

Collaborative Workflows

Keep your incoming media funneling through the proper channels and approvals.

Public Collections

Set up public access to the content you want available on your homepage.

Best-in-class Tagging

Configurable tag trees, drag and drop tagging, and unique Tag Verification® all allow you to tag huge numbers of items quickly and accurately.

Next-level Context

Add context and meaning to the assets to better capture your history, people, products and culture.

Structured Crowdsourcing

Allow participation and engagement from all your staff and stakeholders (in a protected and directed fashion).

"We spent a lot of time researching DAM softwares and solutions--as you know, there’s no shortage of options out there. Tandem Vault stood out for its customer service and after several years of using TV, I still feel that way! I have no regret about choosing Tandem and would happily make the same decision today if we were to start anew."
Megan Sanguinetti
Heath Ceramics
starting at
Unlimited admins, Groups & users
Dedicated Group storage & organization
Publicly-accessible content
Internal & external collaboration tools
Workgroup Plan
All Standard Plan features
Single Sign-On (SSO)
CNAME record capability
Dedicated Group Content Managers
Multiple Tag Trees
Enterprise Plan
All Workgroup Plan features
Unlimited Federation accounts
SLA & Contracting
Multiple invoicing options
Dedicated Support & Team Trainings
"Tandem Vault has been the perfect platform to curate and share our growing collection of digital assets. Our team’s project workflow has been streamlined immensely, which saves us valuable time and resources."
Ana L. Ka’ahanui
U.S. Green Building Council
“Tandem Vault feels like a high-five.”

Osprey + Vault

TV3 Case study - Osprey