New TV3 Features! (June 2021)

Even though we just launched (and did so with a great set of features), we have not slowed down our development. … Read More

TV3 is live!

After a full application redesign, and an extended beta period, we have now officially launched Tandem Vault’s newest version, TV3. We’re really excited about what we’ve built, and how it adds some great innovation to the DAM space. Reducing friction … Read More

Migrating from a folder share

One of the most important challenges facing a new DAM implementation is the onboarding process, but TV3 has some solutions to help users and admins alike. … Read More

Webinar on DAM trends for 2021

December 15, Noon ET, 9 am PT Our Chief Product Officer, Peter Krogh, will participate in a panel on DAM trends. Learn what we have been working on this year, and what we expect to be addressing in 2021. Register … Read More

Rights Packages

One of the most important components of a media collection is an effective usage rights workflow–a central feature to Tandem Vault from the start. … Read More

Support for raw file workflow using DNG

Tandem Vault 3 will allow raw image storage as DNG files, and they will now appear in your account with your adjustments when viewed or downloaded. … Read More

TV3 Sneak Peek: Social Media Workflow

In this video we show how TV3 can be used to request, gather, tag, curate and deploy images for your social media channels. … Read More

Tandem Vault 3 Taxonomy

One of the many improvements in the newest version of our DAM solution Tandem Vault 3 is the build-out of a best-in-class taxonomy tool. … Read More

WFH with Tandem Vault

When I first conceptualized the idea behind the Tandem Vault platform, it wasn’t to just create a powerful application, but to protect our creative content from the risks of failing hard drives and local servers. The big selling point was that the … Read More

TV3 Beta Testers Needed!

The next generation of Tandem Vault is here! If you’re interested in being one of the first to test it out, we want to hear from you. … Read More