Vault was founded nearly a decade ago as expert content creators realized they were getting lost in the flood of new digital content being created daily.

It’s a scenario that is easy to relate to: every day most people create new photos, documents, music, graphics, illustrations and more.

But how will you find them, organize them and share them? How will you ensure that the work you and your company create will always be quickly within reach?

Our digital asset management solution is the answer. Leave your cluttered desktop and stacks of hard drives behind and integrate your life with Tandem Vault.

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Advanced Search Filters

Results come as quick as you type with our smart search and advanced filtering system.


Give structure to your content with unlimited collections.

Global File Support

Upload anything and everything, all in one place!


Avoid duplicate work, let the information embedded in your files automatically flow into our system.

Approve & Reject

Curate new uploads with a simple approval and ranking system.

Reports & Analytics

Track downloads, activity, and storage using our filterable reports.

Custom Templates

Quickly improve how you receive new content from external users and partners.

Flexible Taxonomy

Build a hierarchy of keywords that you can quickly apply throughout your archive and use as an enhanced search system

Tandem Vault has enabled us to make our entire archive of corporate and editorial photography easily available to all staff for the first time. This has increased reuse of our images and made it much easier for staff to find and download suitable images for any purpose.

Jonathan Tweed
Wellcome Trust
Tandem Vault user since 2017

Unlimited Users

Add the whole team with no restrictions and no additional costs.

Secure Sharing

Share your stuff via link or email and restrict access with passwords, expiration dates, or custom legal terms.


A personal way to organize your content and quickly share with teammates.

External Uploads

Safely allow third parties to upload content directly into to your account through a controlled environment.


Create and assign tasks to keep projects on track.

Enhanced Collections

Highlight specific content in a beautiful, branded environments you can share with partners.

Tandem Vault stood out clearly as our best choice- offering a mix of a clean UI design, strong metadata enrichment tools, low monthly cost and a superb help desk.

Phil Van Kirk
The Prem Rawat Foundation
Tandem Vault user since 2017

Cloud Storage

Secure your content in the cloud and access it anywhere.

Customer User Roles

Choose from 14+ user abilities to build your own user roles.

Asset Permissions

Limit what users can view and download.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Automate your user management by integrating with your SSO provider.

Usage Requests + Grants

Receive detailed requests from users or selectively grant access, with a complete record for admin reference.

Customizable Legal Language

Add your own legal terms to the login page, shared pages and external upload portals

Release Groups

Efficiently manage model and property releases.

Tandem Vault allows you to upload, curate, and share your content within minutes vs. hours, days or weeks. The perfect solution!

David Meisel
The Meisel Group
Tandem Vault user since 2018

Case Study

Case Studies

We are now able to showcase and deliver assets.


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External Storage Integrations

Connect Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box for quick uploads and downloads.


Collect signatures with ease from your contributors prior to upload.

Adobe Lightroom

Finish your work in Lightroom and upload directly to Vault without leaving the application.

Vault API

Explore our robust API to learn more about what you can build.

Custom API Support

Partner with our development team to get the results you want.

Ever-growing List of Integrations

As new tools emerge from third parties, Tandem is excited to explore how they may integrate with our DAM.

Tandem Vault is a versatile, evolving DAM with exceptional staff and support.

Stevo Wolfson
The National Restaurant Association
Tandem Vault user since 2016


Build a licensing portal, establish pricing, and indicate the assets you want to make available.

Custom Developments

Collaborate with our experts to shape Vault’s potential in your favor.


Link multiple Vault accounts for easier organization and divisions.

Live Chat

Contact our expert team as you browse.

Personalize Staff Training

Get training for new admins and users as your team evolves.

Annual Payment Options

Choose from a variety of billing options that works for your accounting team.

By the numbers

  • 99.8%

    Guaranteed uptime

  • 269

    Average page load response time (milliseconds)

  • 250+

    Self-service support articles and videos

  • 21%

    Average time saved in a week

  • 150+

    File formats supported

  • 8

    Years in business