DAM for Conservation

DAM for Conservation

New technology for a timeless need

Tandem Vault has partnered with conservation organizations since its inception. We have worked with some of the biggest players in the industry (not all of which we are allowed to publicly disclose). In TV3, we bring new capabilities specifically geared to the needs of the conservation community. We now have a map module which allows you to quickly see and filter photos and videos by location, as well as enhanced description and keywording tools.

Feature Spotlight – Conservation Easement Monitoring

We have built an innovative solution for one of the greatest challenges in conservation, easement monitoring. We now have tools that allow for crowdsource monitoring of easements to document compliance, violation and other important status. These reporting tools can be accessed entirely on mobile, from the field.
You can specify what you are interested in monitoring and what the current state of the property is. Uploads are tagged with the name of the creator, GPS location (for phone photos), and compliance status. You can also make a clear rights statement that is embedded in the upload outlining what your organization may do with uploaded files. We are currently looking for additional demonstration project partners to road test this new capability.

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