DAM for Preservation

DAM for Preservation

Take your stakeholders to a place and time

Historic preservation helps us understand our cultural history and how it shapes our present. And by its very nature, it relies heavily on the use of visual media. We can’t go back in time to see the historical context in-person: interpretive storytelling must be done through writing, photos and videos. And to do this effectively, you need a great repository that includes the media files along with the relevant context.

Media, Metadata and Meaning

TV3 offers unmatched capability to build your media library and attach a wealth of relevant information. GPS tags take you to the location. Hierarchical taxonomies let you make items discoverable according to multiple criteria. Our ability to specifically define the meaning and context of a keyword, event, place or person tag allows you to seamlessly create ontologies about the history, value and impact of an item.

Curation in the DAM

We also allow for curated storytelling directly inside the DAM. Select and sequence media to make a compelling presentation of the material. Create an article-style presentation of the material so that new staff and stakeholders can understand relevance and meaning easily. And leverage API connectivity to embed these stories in other applications and content delivery systems

Democratized Storytelling

Even better, this contextual storytelling is available to any user of the system with the Projects and Lightboxes panel. Regular members can do their own curation, using the files you grant access to. They can share their creations with others, increasing the engagement and relevance of the subject.

Feature Spotlight – External Web Links

While many DAMs will allow you to build a taxonomy, no other application allows you define that taxonomy as well as we do. A keyword in most applications is simply the word itself – a string of letters. But in TV3, we think that the tags themselves are first-class items which often deserve their own descriptions, definitions and web links.

TV3 allows you to attach external web links to your media in several different ways. You can add an unlimited number of links to any asset in the system. This could include online videos, articles, websites or research papers.

Even better, you can add links to keyword, event and people tags, and those links will get attached to the assets. If a historic place was integral to the life of a person, or a seminal event, attaching the tag will allow users of the system to find this information easily and intuitively.

You can also add web links to the curated collections you make to help your stakeholders go deeper into a subject.

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