Simple + Transparent

Essential Plan
Unlimited admins, Groups & users
Dedicated Group storage & organization
Publicly-accessible content
Internal & external collaboration tools
Multi-Department Plan
All Essential Plan features
Single Sign-On (SSO)
CNAME record capability
Dedicated Group Content Managers
Multiple Tag Trees
Enterprise Plan
All Multi-Department Plan features
Unlimited Federation accounts
SLA & Contracting
Multiple invoicing options
Dedicated Support & Team Trainings

We’ll grow with you

We start as the most affordable enterprise-quality DAM on the market. If you outgrow the Standard Plan, don’t worry, you can instantly add storage to your account, or seamlessly upgrade to a higher level.
We’re built to scale up, without skipping a beat.

Compare Features

 Standard PlanWorkgroup PlanEnterprise Plan
Tiered storage250GB up to 2TB3TB to unlimited5TB to unlimited
Supports all digital file types.
No upload limits or maximum file sizes
Dedicated User Group storage folder trees
Folder tree importing replicating as storage folder tree
General User
Group Tagger
Group Library Manager
Library Manager
Group Content Manager
Content Manager
Federation Manager
Unlimited users.
Unlimited external collaborators.
Customizable access controls for external collaborators.
Publicly-accessible collections.
Single Sign-On.
Unlimited account admins.
Unlimited federated accounts.
Unlimited User Groups.
Customizable Permissions
Collection tree structure for easy asset organization and navigation.
Dedicated collection tree libraries for organization based on user groups.
Ability to export all metadata and download all activity logs.
Quick search, predictive search, faceted search
Automatic file conversions
Advanced search filters.
Grid, List, Table of Contents and Map views of assets.
Photo editing and cropping tool.
Unlimited Projects and Lightboxes.
Project management and file sharing integrations
Lightbox share links
Collection share links
Approval workflows.
Lightbox commenting tool.
Account-wide tag tree.
Group tag tree.
Drag-and-drop tagging.
Keyword categorization.
Keyword-linking to external taxonomies.
Customizable fields
Asset-level analytics
System reporting and dashboards
Preset and Customizable Rights Packages
Contract and Release support.
Enterprise governance controls
Lightning-fast CloudFront content distribution network.
Redundant Amazon S3 cloud storage across multiple facilities.
Separate disaster-recovery back-up through Amazon Glacier.
Global content delivery network (CDN)
Secure, scalable cloud infrastructure with AWS
Robust Knowledge Base
Chat support
Email support
Phone support
Dedicated support
Admin training
Group training
Pay-As-You-Go (credit card charged monthly)
Segmented Invoicing
Contracting & SLA
Annual discount available
Non-profit discount availabe

Get started for free

We don’t believe in big startup costs. And we know that it can take a little time to figure out if software is right for you. We will provide free provisional accounts for qualified organizations, and give you plenty of time to kick the tires. See how easy (and, dare we say, fun) it can be to get your content organized and share it with your team. Make sure you love our software, and take as long as you like. And when you are ready, you won’t need to start over, just keep adding to the starter account.

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