You may have noticed that our blog posts came to a pause a couple of weeks ago–right as we started lifting the curtain on Tandem Vault 3 (TV3). Well, that’s no coincidence. We have officially launched the TV3 alpha program, and we’re onboarding a select few testers to evaluate and validate our work. 

So far, the response has been exactly what we’ve been hoping for: that TV3 easy to understand, highly functional, and extremely flexible. Hip, hip hooray.

We’re going to continue with the “using metadata” blog posts, but at a bit of a slower pace, and like the last post of discoverability, we will often show how we are handling these issues in TV3.

Want in?

We expect to have a short alpha period, followed by a longer beta that includes a lot more people. We’re building a list of people who have expressed interest and will circle back once we are getting close to beta release. If you’d like to get an early look at the software (and have some influence on what it will do), drop us a line here, and we’ll be back in touch as the time approaches. 

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